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Predictive collection: the new standard?

Temps de lecture: 2 minutes
Predictive Collections

The current inflation caused by several crises (health, energy, economic) makes it critical for companies to anticipate debt payment issues. Traditional collection methods are no longer a viable option for today’s businesses. 

Implementing predictive collection strategies is more important than ever. In order to avoid late payments that can hinder growth and sustainability, companies must project their receivables portfolio into the future in order to determine risk and make predictions regarding collection effort and success.

Moving from a reactive collection strategy to a proactive one

Do you want to assess your company’s receivables portfolio in real time and successfully prioritize your team’s work before payment issues arise?

Would you like to help your teams move from a curative approach to your portfolio to an optimised predictive approach?

Artificial Intelligence-generated collection prediction combined with payment profiles and customer risk segmentation will help you achieve these goals!

The predictive collection system tested by Cobelpro

Cobelpro is a company that manages professional real estate for various investors, managing contracts and rents for more than 1000 tenants. 

Cobelpro’s financial team used to spend a lot of time sharing the financial results of the buildings it manages. Each report was done manually and customized according to the specific needs of each client, making this an incredibly time-consuming task. 

« We were looking for a solution that could give us alerts on our tenants’ payment behavior in a proactive way. » (Gilles Naeyaert, CEO)

Cobelpro turned to AiVidens for the solution. 

Our software helped Cobelpro develop:

  • Fast, reliable and standardized reporting delivered in real time
  • Proactive actions for debt collection
  • An evolving product, protected against obsolescence

« We achieved a 50% time gain for our finance team. » Gilles Naeyaert, CEO

Discover the Cobelpro case study.

Overview of AiVidens

AiVidens is the answer to the question that Edouard Beauvois and Nicolas Mertens asked themselves 3 years ago: « How can we help companies anticipate their customers’ payment issues? »

This resulted in an innovative solution using Artificial Intelligence, trusted by customers and investors. 

How does it work?

AiVidens collects internal and external data from a company and runs it through the solution’s algorithms and Artificial Intelligence tools. The results are analyzed and entered into a prediction table that will predict the future state of a company’s receivables.

These predictions, coupled with analyses of debtors’ payment behaviors and risks, allows companies to simulate the best actions to take by targeting the ideal collection strategy and focusing your team’s efforts on the largest outstanding invoices.

Concrete results:

20% increase in cash flow accuracy
30% reduction of outstanding payments
20% improvement in operational effectiveness 

« We are proud to help companies maintain their financial health, improve their cash flow forecasts and manage a sustainable relationship with their clients. » Edouard Beauvois and Nicolas Mertens, AiVidens Co-Founders

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