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AiVidens meets Credit Managers’ Needs and Overcomes Challenges

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In February 2024, Edouard Beauvois, co-founder and CEO of AiVidens, was interviewed in Paris on the program “Trajectoire“, broadcasted on BFM BUSINESS.

Hosted by journalist Carine Dany, the show displays inspiring entrepreneurial stories featuring growing company leaders.

This appointment was a fantastic opportunity to present our treasury optimization solution and its development to a French audience interested in our innovative services.

Let’s dive into the central question of the interview:

“What is AiVidens in 2024?”

Our solution stemmed from the necessity of businesses to:

  • anticipate their customers’ payment issues,
  • determine at an early stage what actions to take to optimize their cash flows.

Today, AiVidens offers a solution that can be applied to various use cases. For example:

  1.  Analyzing the performance of the company’s debt portfolio and its evolution over time.
  2.  Optimizing collection management by selecting the customers for whom efforts will be most effective. 
  3.  Enabling payment forecasting by combining AI predictions with users’ payment experiences.

Our Innovative solution was particularly noticed in 2023 by our community.

Nominated on numerous occasions among the innovations of the year in the Fintech sector, AiVidens took first place at the IVKM Credit Management Innovation Award 2023 (Belgium), at the AFDCC Innovation Award 2023 (France), and was awarded at the Startup Track contest during the AI FOR FINANCE event (Belgium). Additionally, it achieved second place in the VVCM Credit Management Innovation Award (Netherlands) following a close vote at the Credit Expo NL event.

“What are the benefits that explain the success of our solution encountered with our users?”


  • We provide companies with an enhanced understanding of their debt portfolio and its evolution and precise identification of payment problems.

Predicting customer payment behavior enables companies to keep control of their cash flow by forecasting when and how unpaid invoices will be settled. The predictive power of AiVidens makes receivables management more dynamic and personalized. It enables collection teams to adopt a more informed approach to reconciliation, providing each customer with an appropriate collection solution. The cash flow becomes manageable through analyses that provide precise, reliable, and personalized information on the payment behavior of clients.

In addition, credit & collection management teams are seeing the scope of their missions expand without being able to hire new profiles. As the workload intensifies, the tasks to be accomplished continually call for new skills.

Simplification and support in managing and identifying payment issues are provided to the Credit Manager, such as the automation of recurring tasks and the centralization of all customer-related information.

Quantitatively, these benefits also translate into 

  • an average 20% improvement in users’ operational efficiency and a 30% reduction in unpaid invoices.