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Frequently Asked Questions

AI helps anticipate payment issues. In the short term, it helps determine when a customer will pay his invoices. In the medium term, it allows you to segment your receivables portfolio according to different risk typologies and payment behavior.

Thanks to these insights, you can not only better understand the health of your receivables portfolio and follow its evolution over time, you can also take necessary measures early enough, in a structured way, while managing your team’s priorities and efforts.

AI will determine if an invoice will be paid and in what time frame. Based on the available data, AI can predict when an invoice will be paid. By combining these predictions and their probability, we create a predictive cash forecast. It is more precise than the classic cash forecast, which is based solely on due dates, as it takes customer behavior into account.

Our solution is based on 2 distinct scenarios that meet different needs. If you would like to keep your current collection system while optimizing the work of your employees, we can install our solution without disrupting your existing processes. This will allow you to benefit from tools that will provide the necessary insights to improve your existing collection. If you don’t have a collection solution yet, or if you want to change your solution, we offer you a complete solution, including all the necessary collection functionalities.

Thanks to its universal connector, our solution can receive data from any ERP including SAP, Netsuite, Netika, Unit4 and Sage.

Thanks to our pre-configured solution and our universal connector (compatible with a number of ERP’s such as SAP, Sage, Netsuite, Netika or Unit4), the implementation is very efficient and will take an average of 3 months. This is the time needed to prepare the data, configure the solution according to your needs, and test it. The timeframe will of course be adapted based on your context.

We work with different data sources from your ERP as well as from external sources such as CreditSafe. The data processed by the application includes invoices, credit notes and payments as well as  the reminder and / or collection history according to the data available. We can also integrate other financial indicators from different suppliers.

Our solution has an immediate impact on your business. Because we work with 3 to 5 years of historical data, we are able to reconstitute 12 months of customer insights.  You can then directly benefit from all the functionalities of the solution. 

In the medium and long term, you can expect a 30% reduction in unpaid invoices and a 20% improvement in operational efficiency. Some of our customers have reduced their accounting team costs by 50%. 

Check out our testimonials to learn more about our clients’ experiences and how they have benefited from the AiVidens solution.

AI is not intended to replace the users but to help them. As part of our solution, AI detects payment issues before they occur and provides a set of customer insights related to their payment behaviors. This enables the user to better determine what actions to take.

Our solution is applicable to all industries. However, for optimal use, we recommend having at least a few hundred recurring B2B or B2C customers.

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