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Know your data. Predict. Collect.

About Us

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How it began...

At the very beginning, there was us.
We are three former colleagues.
All three of us experienced in financial software.
All three of us experienced in team management.
All three of us passionate about data science and innovation.
Each of us was convinced of the power of Artificial Intelligence.
We believed that by joining forces and experience, we could bring AI as a solution to companies in need.

We knew we wanted to help them in what is most crucial to their growth. We spoke to many companies about this.
These conversations led us to the question our solution had to answer for these companies: how can they anticipate their clients’ payment issues?

With this question, we had found our mission – and AiVidens was created.

Our goal

We wanted to address with the utmost precision the issues companies were facing when it comes to collection of unpaid bills – and bring them a practical and reliable solution.

From scratch, we built that solution, with AI at its core.

Since the very beginning, we worked side by side with companies that gave us their trust, even during AiVidens’s very first steps. Benefiting from their experience in cash and collection management, we created the algorithms that would answer the companies’ questions.

We didn’t have to wait long before companies agreed to provide us with their data – that allowed us to test the algorithms and validate our models.

These companies are now our clients.

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Our mission

Today, we know we can help companies predict their clients’ payments patterns, and the risk associated. With AiVidens, companies can actually avoid the problems related to unpaid overdues before they happen.

Our solution is growing and is earning trust from clients and investors. In early 2022, a second round of financing brought 1.5 million Euros to our company, strengthening our capacity to grow and further serve our mission.

Our software solution has matured and evolved. It currently helps companies improve their collection management. Scalability is key and we are committed to provide our clients with cutting edge software, now and in the future.

It makes us proud that we participate in keeping companies healthier, helping them in their cash flow forecasting, and managing a sustainable relationship with their clients.

Meet the team

Edouard beauvois

Edouard Beauvois

Co-Founder & CEO

Nicolas mertens

Nicolas Mertens

Co-Founder & COO

Diego beghin

Diego Beghin

Data Scientist & Back-End Developer


Cédric Bingen

Front-End Developer

Gautier guilmot

Gautier Guilmot

Data Scientist & Back-End Developer

Samanta reinoso

Samanta Reinoso​

Product Owner​

Ophélie thomas

Ophélie Thomas​

Business Development Manager

Jean-philippe van aelst

Jean-Philippe Van Aelst