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The AI based Receivables Management Solution

The only financial SaaS that applies Artificial Intelligence to your business data to predict, segment and fix your customer payment issues.

Our unique cloud solution helps you focus your efforts on the right priorities and can:

Improve operational efficiency

Reduce overdue & bad debts

Improve cash accuracy

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Improve operational efficiency
- 0 %
Reduce overdue & bad debts
+ 0 %
Improve cash accuracy

DSO reduced

by 10-15 days over a period of 6 to 12 months.

4-12 hours/week saved

by centralising data from day 1.

Number of unpaid invoices reduced

by 10-15% over a 12 month period.

Order to cash cycle reduced

by 10 to 20 days over a 12-month period.

They trust us

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Already used by 75 legal entities in 8 countries in the EU, US, and Canada.



Segment your clients based on their payment behaviors and risk profile.

Our dashboard helps you distinguish the different payment habits of your customers as well as their variations over time.

Portfolio overview

Customer 360° view


Determine the probability, timing, and collection complexity of payment.
Define your objectives and simulate different collection strategies to immediately measure their impact.

Predictive cash forecasts

Collection strategy


Implement the most efficient collection strategy.

Identify customers with the biggest leverage effect and prioritize your team’s actions accordingly.

Collection strategy simulations

Case management (dispute, promises to pay)

Why Use AiVidens?

Customize your collection strategy

Adapt your collection strategy and prioritize your team’s actions based on the context and needs of the company.

Choose your collection strategy

Simulate the impact of your choice

Select the best strategy to meet your objectives

Improve operational efficiency

Easily identify the clients that can have the biggest impact on your strategy.

Understand portfolio health and segmentation

Follow up on collection histories per period and team

Prioritize your team's efforts

Predict cash gaps

Understand the predictive treasury gap between the standard cash forecast and the predictive cash forecast and define the best financing strategy.

Assess the predictive treasury gap

Check payment behaviors for the gap

Decide where to focus your efforts

Effortless Integration

Easily connect our solution to your ERP system and enjoy your first quick wins!

We provide you with a list of the data needed to run the solution

You send us the data by file or API

We securely upload the data into the application

It easily integrates with most standard ERPs and external data sources including:

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What They Say About Us

"More than ever, cash is the oxygen of a business. The proactive management of AiVidens' artificial intelligence solution enables us to predict cash receipts and save precious time in optimising our working capital and collection procedures."

Frédéric Schummer
Head of SSC GBS Finance Belux at Engie
"As independent real estate managers and advisors, our mission goes far beyond the purely operational administration of our clients’ properties. We are also positioning ourselves as their preferred partner in terms of Risk Management. That is why we are using the AiVidens solution, which offers owners a great prediction tool allowing them to make the most informed decisions and thus organise their portfolio in the best possible way."
Gilles Naeyaert
Managing Director at Cobelpro
"AiVidens clearly is a breakthrough in terms of predictive analysis enhancing our forecast analysis and our reporting capabilities and brought our Cash collections exercises to another level. Implementing the solution resulted for us in more automation, coupled to process efficiencies and effectiveness. The AiVidens Team masters a level of expertise, trust and professionalism throughout the entire implementation, not only from a technical standpoint but also from a business standpoint."
Mario Fernandez Pasarin
Chief Financial Officer at Rhea
"We were immediately impressed by the expertise and quality of execution of the AiVidens team. Their innovative solution will undoubtedly play a growing role in finance departments across countless industries."

Simon Alexandre
Co-Founder of The Faktory

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